The WorkSpine Team

The WorkSpine team consists of three specialist neurosurgeons and an interventional pain specialist, with clinical psychologists, cognitive therapists and exercise rehabilitation experts on hand via Wisdom Health and Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation.

WorkSpine’s team of hand picked specialists provide comprehensive occupational spine injury management under one roof

Surgical and Pain Management Team


Dr Andrew Miles



Dr David Holthouse

Interventional Pain Specialist


Dr Michael Kern



Dr Paul Taylor

Spinal Surgeon

Exercise Rehabilitation


Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation

Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation was established in 1999 by Exercise Physiologist, John McDonald. Prior to this, with a number of years experience in working within Vocational Rehabilitation as an Exercise Physiologist, it was identified that exercise was the key to facilitating a person back to work. The primary motivation for an exercise-only company was to promote early exercise management to GPs and Specialists. This early motivation has expanded to include all parties involved in a Rehabilitation Case. It is widely accepted and proven with evidence-based prescription that an appropriate exercise rehabilitation programme will provide significant benefit to the rehabilitation process, often not only assisting in the physical state but also the mental state. All staff are University Qualified Exercise Physiologists with accreditation through ESSA

Psychology Services


Wisdom Health

Wisdom Health provides support for a range of mental health issues including: anxiety related conditions, trauma, obsessive compulsive disorder, chronic pain, and depression. Rob Schutze, one of the founders of Wisdom Health, along with researchers at Curtin University, has developed a new approach to pain management called Mindfulness-Based Functional Therapy (MBFT) for Chronic Back Pain. Pilot data suggests that MBFT is associated with strong clinical improvements, with 80% of participants recovering on a measure of physical functioning, and 70% clinically improving on a measure of their role limitations due to physical condition. MBFT is a group program that is co-facilitated by a psychologist and a physiotherapist. It covers pain education, functional movement re-training, mindfulness meditation and group support.